Enne Bi Communications | Internet Marketing
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SEO, SEM, and everything that you need to get your website to the top

Enne Bi Communications will guide you every step of the way through the website building process. We are equipped with the most up-to-date tools and tactics to get your website off the ground and all over the world.


We specialize in helping your website thrive, even past it’s initial completion. From SEO & SEM packages, to maintenance and security checks, we will make sure to keep your website wonderful.

Our Process

Understand Your Business

The initial step to creating a high performance marketing campaign is for us to understand your business and

identify your target market and demographics.

The better we know your business and your competitors,

the better we can help you business stand out and get more traffic.


Before we start creating a marketing campaign, which is supposed to  increase traffic to your site

we need to make sure that your website is designed and coded properly.

The idea is not only to generate traffic to your site, but converting the visit in actual clicks and possibly sales.

That can only be achieved by delivering  a  visually pleasing and user friendly website


There are three major ways to generate traffic on your site:

SEO marketing, SMO, and SEM

The first is basically optimize your website in order to obtain better google ranking

the second is about you social media presence, and lastly setting up and optimize online paid advertising

Starting your Campaign

Now that we have all the necessary tools we can work out a budget tailored to our client needs,

that will include a budget set for SEO and maintenance purposes

(websites do need to be constantly maintained and updated nowadays)

A solid social media plan including visual and relevant content

and of if budget allows for it, a well planned  google ad and social media ad campaign.