Enne Bi Communications | Photography
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With over 20 years of commercial photography experience, enne bi communications will make sure that your product, venue, or food will look just as good as you intend it to be.

Our Process

Initial meeting

Our photography goes hand in hand with our design process.

Your photographer will work closely with you and our art director to identify all the key visual needs for your layout.

Special attention will be given to the format and aspect ratio of your photos, based on whether the photos will be used for printed collateral, or if special ratios are needed to fit different screen resolution for a web layout


Our project manager will sit with you and collect all the information we need in order to set up your photoshoot,

including booking or selecting your location, booking of models, acquiring props if necessary,

hiring make up artist and wardrobe expert

and handling all the other production steps.

Directions for the client

A very important step  to insure a smooth and successful photoshoot is to make sure that the client has al the information he or she needs to present his product in the best possible way,

whether that would be setting up interiors of a venue, to the correct preparation of food,

to making sure that product are clean and ready to shoot.

The photoshoot

At the day of the shoot your photographer will have all the information necessary to deliver the shots required for your campaign.

A photographer assistant will handle all the lighting equipment.

After the photoshoot is completed, you will be able to check the RAW images with your art director and select the images that will be post produced by optimizing colors, lighting and other possible effects requested for the specific layout.